Elective disciplines: physical education at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

The Department of Recreation and Sports Technologies of the FBMI has prepared an introductory article on elective disciplines from the cycle of general training of educational programmes for 2nd year bachelor's students. Classes [for elective subjects] are held with 2nd year bachelor students once a week for one semester according to the university timetable. Students [at their own request] have the opportunity to choose both a sport and a teacher.

 The following sports are offered to choose from
- Martial arts (Taekwon-do, karate, kickboxing; boxing; judo, sambo).
- Game sports (Basketball; Volleyball; Table tennis; Tennis; Football).
- Power sports (Athleticism and strength training).
- Complex and coordinated sports (Classes in special medical groups; Gymnastics, acrobatics, trampolining, choreography, workout; Aerobics: sports, dance, strength training; Tourism and climbing; Fitness mix: shaping, Pilates, fitball, skipping, stretching).
- Cyclic sports (Athletics-fitness; Swimming; Swimming for beginners).

Detailed information about all sports, teachers, contacts and introductory videos can be found in the article from the FBMI TOC Department.