Scientific work

The Department of Health Technologies and Sports (TOS) is a university-wide department that teaches a lecture course on "Fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle", conducts practical classes and a lecture course on physical education with students of all faculties of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, first and second years (about 700 academic groups). Teachers of the department train national teams in the following sports (orienteering, tourism and climbing, table tennis, futsal, athletics, triathlon, sports aerobics, rugby).

Number of lecturers - 59
Associate professors - 11
Young scientists - 0
Laboratory - 0
Manuals - 1
Total number of articles - 51
Scopus, Web of Science - 3
Professional - 47
Other - 1
Scopus, Web of Science citations - 1
Other citations - 1
Conferences - 1