Subdivisions of NTUU "KPI" named after I. Sikorsky regarding physical education and sports

The Department of Health and Sports Technologies of the Faculty of Bio-Medical Engineering is a university-wide department, whose teachers conduct theoretical and practical classes in the discipline "Fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle", as well as various types of physical activity and sports (selective disciplines).
Structure of the department (educational departments):

  •     Aerobics
  •     Athletic gymnastics
  •     Basketball
  •     martial arts
  •     Volleyball
  •     Athletics-fitness
  •     Football
  •     Table tennis
  •     Swimming
  •     Sports gymnastics
  •     Tennis
  •     Tourism and climbing
  •     Shaping

Among the teachers are masters of sports, masters of sports of international class, candidates of sciences.
The department has a system of those responsible for sports and health work at the faculties in relation to the department's activities. Such responsible persons, in addition to organizing and conducting sports and health work at the faculties, resolve issues that arise in the process of conducting control measures in the discipline "Fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle" and selective disciplines.
II. Sports and technical center "Kyiv Polytechnic" of the CFS (Coordinating and unifying role in the activities of national teams):

  • Sports club "Atlantida" - diving (CFS pool and open water bodies, sea coast).
  • Sports club "Talisman" - aerobics (CFVS).
  • Sports club "Rugby Polytechnic" - rugby (CFVS).
  • Sports club "Globus" - hiking (in the selected area).
  • Sports club "Typhoon" - martial arts (CFVS).
  • Sports club "Acro-line" - acrobatic yoga (CFVS).
  • Sports club "Polytechnic" - football and futsal (CFVS).
  • Educational and training sessions of the university's student national teams from the 21st sport.