Cyclic sports

Location: 2nd floor, left wing - pool 25x50m.


Dakal Natalia Adamivna - Associate Professor of TOC, Ph.D., and head of the Department of Swimming;

Khimich Igor Yuriyovych - Associate Professor of TOC, Ph.D .;

Parakhonko Vadym Mykolayovych - senior lecturer of the TOC department, master of sports of the USSR;

Smirnov Konstantin Nikolaevich - Senior Lecturer of the Department of TOC, Master of Sports of the USSR;

Cherevychko Oleksandr Hennadiiovych - senior lecturer of the TOC department;

Zubko Valentyna Volodymyrivna - teacher of the TOC department, master of sports of international class;

Kachalov Alexander Yurievich - Senior Lecturer of the Department of TOC, Master of Sports of the USSR

About the discipline:

The ability to swim is a vital skill for people of all ages. A well-floating person, as a rule, does not risk his life while in the water, because he knows that he will swim to shore or be able to stay afloat until help arrives.

"He can neither read nor swim," - so the ancient Greeks said of an uneducated man, believing that swimming - not only health but also an educational tool.

Practical classes include:

  •     Getting acquainted with the technique of swimming in sports - rabbit on the chest and back, breaststroke, butterfly;
  •     Training and improvement of swimming exercises;
  •     Improving physical qualities by means of swimming;
  •     Monitoring and assessing the level of their own physical fitness.

You will get acquainted with sports where swimming is necessary - water polo, scuba diving, diving, synchronized swimming. You will get acquainted with the elements of aqua fitness - a system of exercise in the aquatic environment, which acts as a natural, multifunctional simulator.

Swimming - in addition to sports is of great application and health. And in diseases of the musculoskeletal system (scoliosis, etc.), swimming - cures.

By attending classes, you will be able to adjust your figure from swimming, lose weight, you will become fit, slender, energetic and energetic. The beauty of your trained body will radiate optimism and charge with positive emotions. You will become more agile and persistent in achieving the goal.