Fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle

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    Description of the discipline, its purpose, subject of study, and learning outcomes
The main purpose of the discipline "Fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle" is to form students'
motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle and the ability to use different types and forms of physical activity
for active recreation and healthy living (LC12)
After mastering the discipline, students must demonstrate the following learning outcomes:
- on the basics of human health and methods of assessment;
- on the impact of health effects of behavior on the quality of human life;
- on the principles of nutrition; {{1} }
 on the impact of motor activity on the huma n body;
- on the basics of the application of motor activity programs of different directions;
- apply the components of a healthy lifestyle in order to achieve personal and professional goals;
- to use means of motor activity for the purpose of formation of personal health;
- to control and self-control the state of the organism;
- to analyze and plan the means of motor activity in order to improve physical and mental
performance, and the development of physical qualities.