Difficult - coordination sports

Location: 2nd floor, left wing


Sharafutdinova Sania Umarovna - Senior Lecturer of the Department of TOC, responsible for the educational department.

Kozlova Tetyana Georgievna is a senior lecturer at the Department of TOC.

Ivanyuta Natalia Viktorivna - Senior Lecturer of the Department of TOC.

Gavrilova Natalia Yevgenivna - Senior Lecturer of the Department of TOC.

About the discipline:

Shaping as a type of motor activity, is part of complex - coordination sports.

Shaping is a system of physical training and health-improving activities aimed at improving the body and achieving harmoniously developed body shapes, combined with a high level of physical fitness.

To implement certain motor tasks in the training department of shaping developed special training programs that are transformed depending on the individual characteristics of those involved, namely, take into account the initial weight, body type, sex, level of physical and functional fitness.