Martial arts

Location: 1st floor, right wing, wrestling and boxing hall, №133


Nazymok Viktor Vasyliovych - senior lecturer of the TOC department, Master of Sports of Ukraine in boxing, judge of the national category, winner of the Ukrainian championship among students.

About the discipline:

Boxing is a very popular sport. This is because there are no people who are not capable of boxing. By boxing you will improve your mental and physical fitness. Master the technique of punches, movements, defenses. Feel more confident.

Boxing is a very popular sport. This is because there are no people who are not capable of boxing. Famous world-class boxers include fast and relatively slow athletes with an asthenic physique and powerful athletes with well-developed muscular systems. In the same weight category you can see both a very tall athlete and a rather short boxer. Boxing is a compensatory sport, where the lack of some physical qualities can be compensated by others. This is a sport that does not impose any restrictions on the capabilities and abilities of its fans.
It is believed that boxing is an unsightly sport, that boxing is a fight and its main goal is to learn to strike blows to beat the opponent and overcome his resistance by rough straightforward actions. This opinion is wrong. It is a duel of intellectuals, two thinking fighters. Evidence of this - Pythagoras - an ancient Greek mathematician and multiple Olympic boxing champion. Boxing requires, first of all, thoughtful, creative actions, which are impossible without the development of creative imagination. Two high-level boxers competing with each other expose their brains to the same intellectual work as two chess players. Both try to unravel the intentions of their opponents by hiding their own plan of attack and defense. The stronger the boxer's ability to act creatively, the higher his athletic performance.

The art of boxing includes the ability to instantly switch from attacking to defensive and counterattack again. Competently build a tactical picture of the battle, depending on the opponent and the circumstances of the battle. Boxers must have the necessary technical arsenal, use deceptive and preparatory moves (feints) in advance, and have a rapid powerful blow.