1.1.    The Department of Health Improvement and Sports Technologies (hereinafter referred to as the Department) is a basic structural subdivision of the National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", which carries out educational, methodological and scientific activities in a particular speciality or group of specialities.
1.2.    The department in its activity is subordinated to the main task - training of bachelors, masters, doctors of philosophy in one or more related specialities, specialisations or academic disciplines and has a "scientific school" with achievements in conducting scientific and innovative, research, scientific, technical and scientific-methodical activities and training of highly qualified personnel.
1.3.    The Department is a part of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering (hereinafter - the Faculty). The staff of the department consists of scientific and pedagogical, scientific, engineering and technical staff, teaching and support staff, doctoral students, postgraduate students, etc.
1.4.    The draft staffing table of the Department is agreed upon by the Department of Economics and Finance and approved by the Rector in accordance with the established procedure upon the proposal of the Dean of the Faculty.
1.5.     In its activities, the Department is guided by the current legislation, the Statute of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, the regulatory framework of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and this Regulation.

The main tasks of the Department are in the field of educational process:
2.1. organisation and conduct of the educational process at all levels of higher education (hereinafter - RHE) and forms of education in the disciplines of the Department in accordance with the working curricula and credit module work programmes (hereinafter - CM);
2.2. ensuring the high quality of the educational process in accordance with the standards of higher education and regulations on the organisation of the educational process;
2.3. improving the content of training in the light of modern achievements in science, technology, engineering and production;
2.4. introduction of progressive methods and modern information technologies of education (in particular, mixed and distance learning);
2.5. improvement of methods of assessing the quality of education, conducting tests, examinations and final certification of higher education students; participation in the rector's control;
2.6. organising and conducting internships and qualification works;
2.7. organising and conducting the final certification of higher education students, ensuring the effective work of examination commissions;
2.8. organising and conducting entrance examinations for the second (master's) and third (educational and scientific) RHE;
2.9. taking measures to prevent cases of violation of academic integrity;
2.10. monitoring the career strategies of graduates, by finding out the places of employment.
in methodological work:
2.11. development of educational programmes, curricula and work curricula for specialities in all RHE;
2.12. development of programmes of academic disciplines, work programmes of CM, programmes (work programmes) of practices;
2.13. development of topics for course projects, term papers, qualification works;
2.14. development of research topics for masters and PhD students and dissertation topics;
2.15. development and publication of textbooks, manuals, workshops, recommendations for studying CM, individual tasks, qualification works, as well as other educational literature, teaching aids and educational equipment in the profile of the department;
2.16. development of tools for diagnosing learning outcomes;
2.17. development and implementation of new and improvement of existing laboratory works, computer workshops, technical teaching aids, active samples, visual equipment, application software packages in the educational process;
2.18. review and examination of teaching and learning materials;
2.19. examination of competitive qualification papers;
2.20. conducting methodological seminars and other events on the introduction of new educational technologies and improvement of pedagogical skills of teachers;
2.21. participation in the development and timely revision of information packages of faculties / educational and research institutes;
in scientific and innovative work:
2.22. organisation and training of postgraduate students, doctoral students, applicants, including foreign citizens, providing recommendations for admission to postgraduate studies, doctoral studies, etc., appointment of a scientific adviser in accordance with the established procedure;
2.23. discussing and nominating candidates for academic and honorary titles;
2.24. organisation and creation of conditions for conducting research and development work (hereinafter referred to as R&D) in the field of the department (preparation of materials for obtaining funding, tender proposals for the performance of work, etc;)
2.25. conducting fundamental research and development on state budget topics, conducting development and research on orders of enterprises (organisations), state programmes and orders of ministries and departments; performing work under international contracts; conducting search (initiative) research; developing start-up projects; preparing innovative projects and developments, in particular for the Kyiv Polytechnic Science Park;
2.26. engineering and marketing organisation, promotion of R&D results to the markets; nomination of works for the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology; implementation of development results in production and educational process; preparation of titles of protection for intellectual property objects, preparation of licences for sale;
2.27. preparation and publication of monographs, standards, scientific journals, articles, etc;
2.28. certification of electronic publications;
2.29. examination / review: Research and development, abstracts, dissertations, scientific publications, articles, etc., dissertation opposition;
2.30. organisation, holding and participation in scientific seminars, conferences, exhibitions (all-Ukrainian, of the Science Park, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, etc;)
2.31. creation of conditions for involving students in scientific work (supervision of students participating in: research and development, student scientific clubs, design bureaus, scientific conferences, seminars; preparation of students for participation in international and All-Ukrainian competitions and competitions of start-up projects; organisation of participation of master's theses in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute competitions and All-Ukrainian competitions of student research);
2.32. effective use of the creative potential of the scientific and pedagogical and research staff of the department in solving topical problems of science, technology, and engineering;
in organisational work:
2.33. forming the schedule of classes together with the dean of the faculty / director of the educational and research institute and the educational department of the department of organisation of the educational process;
2.34. creating conditions for the professional growth of scientific and pedagogical and other employees of the department, meeting the needs of the individual in intellectual, cultural and physical development;
2.35. organisation and control of classes and practices by scientific and pedagogical staff of the department;
2.36. establishing creative relations with higher education institutions, industry organisations, enterprises, research institutes, other enterprises and organisations regardless of organisational form and form of ownership (including foreign ones);
2.37. assistance in retraining and advanced training of the scientific and pedagogical staff of the department and control of these activities;
2.38. organising and conducting methodological, scientific and methodological and scientific seminars, conferences, etc;
2.39. organisation of cooperation with the departments that teach other academic disciplines to students;
2.40. organisation of career guidance activities in cooperation with the Department of Employment Promotion and Professional Development - Career Development Centre of the Department of Educational Work of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and attracting people to study in the specialities of the department;
2.41. organisation of events to attract persons for postgraduate training and advanced training;
2.42. organisation of systematic communication with graduates of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, in particular, postgraduate students of the Department;
2.43. participation in the preparation of contracts for the practice of higher education students and documents for the employment of graduates;
2.44. preparation of licensing and accreditation files;
2.45. organisation of coverage of the results of the Department's activities on information stands and in the media, in particular using the web resources of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute;
2.46. creation and maintenance of the Department's website;
2.47. organisation of filling with the necessary information the electronic campus of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, the Department's website and other information resources created to cover and support the Department's activities on the Internet;
2.48. organisation of educational and scientific work of scientific and pedagogical workers with applicants for higher education through the website of the department;
2.49. participation of the Department's employees in the work of expert councils, commissions, working groups of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Attestation Board of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, specialised academic councils for the defence of dissertations of Doctors of Sciences and Doctors of Philosophy;
2.50. determination of the rating of scientific and pedagogical staff of the department;
in educational work:
2.51. implementation of a set of measures aimed at educating a highly developed personality in the spirit of Ukrainian patriotism, respect for the Constitution of Ukraine;
2.52. appointment and organisation of work of curators of study groups;
2.53. taking measures to ensure that students comply with the legislation of Ukraine, moral and ethical standards of behaviour both in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and beyond, fulfil the requirements of the Code of Honour of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, and take care of the property of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (buildings, premises, furniture, equipment, inventory, educational publications, devices, etc;)
2.54. raising the spiritual, cultural and educational level of students;
2.55. conducting activities to promote a healthy lifestyle among students;
in international activities:
2.56. development and implementation of a set of measures for integration into the international educational and scientific space;
2.57. study of international experience in training specialists in the profile of the department and its use in the educational process;
2.58. organisation of exchange practices with related departments of partner universities;
2.59. information and advertising work on recruitment of foreign citizens for training and ensuring the training of specialists from among foreigners;
2.60. participation in the implementation of scientific and technical works commissioned by or with the participation of foreign partners;
2.61. participation in the implementation of international projects and programmes;
2.62. organisation of relations with foreign graduates of the Department, maintenance of the database of foreign graduates of the Department;
2.63. promoting the study and use of English by the academic and research staff of the Department, obtaining international certificates;
2.64. participation in international integration in the field of personnel training through the implementation of the Double Diploma programme;
2.65. organisation and participation in international conferences, seminars, competitions, exhibitions;
2.66. securing revenues from various forms of foreign economic activity.

3.1.     The activities of the Department are carried out on the basis of the annual work plan of the Department, which covers the areas and tasks specified above. The work plan of the Department is discussed and approved at its meeting.
3.2.     The main issues of the Department's activities are discussed at the meeting of the Department, the decision of which is binding on its employees.
3.3.     Meetings of the Department are held at least once a month. The meeting of the Department is attended by academic and research staff of the Department. A meeting of the Department is considered competent if it is attended by at least two-thirds of the employees for whom the Department is the main place of work. Decisions of the Department are made by a simple majority of votes. A meeting of the Department shall be recorded in the prescribed manner. Other employees of the department, employees of other departments, as well as other higher education institutions, enterprises, institutions and organisations may be invited to the meeting of the department. When discussing the candidates for the competitive position of the Head of the Department, the Vice-Rector or Dean of the Faculty should hold the meeting of the Department on the basis of the relevant order of the Rector.

4.1 The department is managed by the head of the department, who has an academic title or academic degree and at least five years of scientific and pedagogical experience. The head of the graduate department must have a doctoral degree in the profile of the relevant department. The Head of the Department is elected to this position on a competitive basis by the Academic Council of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. The Head of the Department is contracted for a period of five years.
4.2.     Replacement of academic staff positions is carried out in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine and regulations of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, in particular the Procedure for competitive selection or election on a competitive basis for filling vacant academic staff positions and concluding employment agreements (contracts) with them.
4.3.     The department shall consist of at least five research and teaching staff for whom the department is the main place of work (full-time employees).
4.4.    The head of the department ensures the organisation of the educational process, implementation of curricula and programmes of academic disciplines, exercises control over the quality of teaching disciplines, educational, methodological and scientific activities of teachers.
4.5.    The head of the department ensures the performance of the functions of the department and the implementation of orders, instructions and assignments of the rector, dean of the faculty, the creation of a holistic positive image of the department in cyberspace (global Internet) as a subdivision of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, capable of competing in the international market of educational and scientific services.
4.6.     The Head of the Department is subordinate to the Dean of the Faculty and acts on the basis of the job description and contract.
4.7.     In accordance with the Regulations on the Head of a subdivision (educational and research institute, faculty, department), the department may elect a supervisor.
4.8.     The Department is financed within the funds of the Faculty.
4.9.     The requirements, rights, duties, and working time planning of academic staff are determined by the Regulations on the organisation of the educational process in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.
4.10. The formation of the staff and the draft staffing table is carried out within the approved funds and standards in the prescribed manner.

5.1. Termination of the Department's activity is carried out by its reorganisation or liquidation.
5.2. The activity of the Department is terminated by the order of the Rector in the manner and under the conditions stipulated by the Statute of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, current legislation and by the decision of the Academic Council of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.