Partnerships and internships for university teachers can be important means for professional development, improving the quality of teaching and sharing experiences. Faculty partnerships can mean cooperation between the university and other educational or research institutions, industry organisations, industrial partners or even international universities. This may include the exchange of faculty for lectures, seminars, workshops or joint research. Partnerships help teachers find new approaches to teaching, learn about other methods and practices, and expand their professional network. Internships for faculty may include periodic transfers to other universities or organisations for training and experience exchange. Teachers can learn new teaching methods, explore modern technologies in education, and observe best practices. When they return to their workplace, they can apply the new knowledge and skills to improve the learning experience for their students. These partnerships and internships facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge between educators from different institutions and contexts. They also contribute to increasing the relevance of learning, expanding academic networks and strengthening professional competences. It is important that universities support and facilitate such initiatives that contribute to the professional development of teachers and improve the quality of education.

     Teachers have completed internships at foreign institutions:
- Dakal Nataliia Adamivna. Associate Professor. PhD in Physical Education and Sports. Poland. University of Bialystok. "Teaching and research in a modern university: challenges, solutions and prospects". 180 hours, 6 credits;
- Sabirov Oleksandr Serhiiovych. Associate Professor, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences. Krakow University of Economics. "New and innovative teaching methods"