Classes are held in the educational building № 24.
Left wing, 2nd floor, gym # 1.

Efremenko Victoria - responsible for the training department, Art. teacher;
Anikeenko Larisa - Art. teacher;

Yaremenko Oleg - teacher.

Ustymenko Hryhoriy Oleksandrovych - Art. teacher,

Kuzenkov Oleg Viktorovich - teacher.


The purpose of physical education classes at the basketball department is comprehensive development, enhancement of students' health, acquisition of technical and tactical skills, improvement of individual, group and team actions, development and education of high moral and will qualities.
The collective nature of the game fosters a sense of camaraderie, a desire for mutual assistance. In addition, the basketball develops such character traits as perseverance, determination, discipline, initiative, dedication. Due to its emotionality, basketball has become a means not only of physical development, but also of active rest.

At NTUU "KPI" basketball has a long and glorious tradition. During the USSR, KPI student teams won prizes in student championships in Kyiv, Ukraine and the USSR. During these years 55 basketball players - masters of sports of the USSR were trained.
Among them, Vladimir Stremoukhov - Master of Sports of the International Class, winner of the World Universiade, Sergey Kopychko - Master of Sports of the USSR, multiple prize-winner of the USSR Championships within the team "Builder" (Kyiv) - now Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics Masters of Sports of the USSR Basketball, now professor of welding faculty and others.