Charity futsal tournament to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Благодійний турнір з фут-залу на підтримку ЗСУ

On 1.02.2023, a charity futsal tournament in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was held at the university. This is the fourth tournament to support our soldiers. The first three games took place in autumn and summer last year. Six teams responded to the call to participate: ISZZI, Veterans, the team of KPI departments, Polytechnic, the team of KPI students, and the police of Solomyansky district.  According to a good tradition, the teams were welcomed on the floor of the Polytechnic Sports Centre.

The teams were divided into two groups by draw:

Group 1: ISZZI, Veterans, departmental team.

2 group respectively: "Polytechnic", the team of students, and the police of Solomenskyi district.

The first group with 6 points was headed by the team of ISZZI. The second in the same subgroup was the team of Veterans, and the third team was the team of KPI departments.

The teams took the following places

1st place - Veterans

2nd place - ISZZI

3. place - team of students

4. "Polytechnic"

The tournament was attended by many fans who not only passionately supported their favourite teams, but also joined in raising funds to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The tournament turned out to be a truly combative, sporting and spectacular event. The tournament was organised and conducted by the Trade Union of KPI employees, the Polytechnic Sports and Fitness Centre, teachers of the TOC department, and judges from the Kyiv Football Federation and teachers of the TOC department. TOS.

All participants of the tournament were awarded with commemorative cups.