Rock climbing festival at KPIskala

KPIskala Bravely Week  

On May 22-27, 2023, the KPIskala Bravely Week Bouldering Festival was held at the KPIskala climbing wall, the funds raised from the festival were partially used to award the participants and winners of the festival, and part of the funds went to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

   The festival was organised and held at the KPI "Polytechnic" Sports Complex in the KPIskala hall. The aim of the festival was to promote climbing among young people and to raise funds to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

   For climbers, perhaps the most important thing is the routes they have to climb and their complexity.

    The team of route setters prepared 25 brand new bouldering routes of varying difficulty, both for beginners who have just started climbing and for advanced climbers!

5 All-Ukrainian charity tournament to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine

благодійний турнір на допомогу ЗСУ.

    On 18.05.2023, the 5th all-Ukrainian charity mini-football tournament in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which has already become a tradition, took place on the territory of the Polytechnic Sports Complex.
The tournament was attended by 4 teams:
Polytechnic student team
the team of the Security Department with the Solomensky district police

Charity futsal tournament to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Благодійний турнір з фут-залу на підтримку ЗСУ

On 1.02.2023, a charity futsal tournament in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was held at the university. This is the fourth tournament to support our soldiers. The first three games took place in autumn and summer last year. Six teams responded to the call to participate: ISZZI, Veterans, the team of KPI departments, Polytechnic, the team of KPI students, and the police of Solomyansky district.  According to a good tradition, the teams were welcomed on the floor of the Polytechnic Sports Centre.

The Polytechnic team is a thunderstorm of authority.

To mark the sixtieth anniversary of the first Ukrainian rugby team.

In the autumn of 1962, students of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, led by Valentyn KhONIN, a second-year student of the Faculty of Automation and Electrical Instrumentation, together with Serhii Kalenchuk, Head of the Department of Physical Education, and with the support of Oleksandr Pligunov, Rector of the KPI, created the first rugby team in Ukraine.

Elective disciplines: physical education at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

The Department of Recreation and Sports Technologies of the FBMI has prepared an introductory article on elective disciplines from the cycle of general training of educational programmes for 2nd year bachelor's students. Classes [for elective subjects] are held with 2nd year bachelor students once a week for one semester according to the university timetable. Students [at their own request] have the opportunity to choose both a sport and a teacher.

Useful physical activity

For 10 years, scientists observed the work of thousands of Americans. The journal JAMA Internal Medicine published the results of a study that looked at all aspects of exercise, not just how much exercise a person did. Adults should do either 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity or 150 minutes of moderate physical activity each week. This is what doctors advise.
Pairs of tennis, brisk walking, or cycling at a slow speed are all examples of moderate activity. Experts say that during heavy activities such as running, swimming or playing football. Some study participants achieved the recommended amount of exercise per week, while others achieved this amount in one to two weeks of training.
Getting enough activity during the week or on weekends can reduce the risk of death. Doctors also say that people should do some physical activity every day, especially strength training, and try not to sit for long periods of time. For example, yoga, pilates, and gardening or gardening all require intense exercise.
Recommended levels can also be achieved with shorter and more intense sessions.

Mini-volleyball - a short story about the invention.

The history of mini-volleyball is closely related to volleyball. It may have appeared quite spontaneously, but we can only guess where and when it actually first appeared. Mini-volleyball appeared in the early sixties of the 20th century. The birthplace of mini-volleyball is the Japanese town of Taiki, where for the first time mini-volleyball was practiced as an independent sport. At the same time, Hiroshi Toyoda is considered the father of mini volleyball. The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) recognized mini-volleyball in 1971, when a sub-committee on mini-volleyball was created within the FIVB Coaching Committee. In 1972, uniform rules of the game were approved, and in 1975, the first mini volleyball conference among 19 participating countries was held in Sweden.
Mini-volleyball is a game for children from 9 to 12 years old. It is often included in the school curriculum of many countries. There are two levels: mini-4 and mini-3. Both teams fighting for victory have 3 or 4 players plus 2 more substitutes. Both boys and girls can participate in the game at the same time. The game lasts up to 15 points. To win a match, you need to win 2 games, and the mini volleyball game often takes time.

Pleasant memories of performances at competitions.

During distance education, watching memories of students' performances evokes pleasant memories.
It is very nice to remember the sparkle in the eyes of our students during classes, and especially during performances at competitions, when they realized that their work on themselves causes applause from the audience.
We hope that our girls in the classroom not only learned to correctly perform exercises that can be used in everyday life, but also gained confidence.

International Student Sports Day at KPI

On the occasion of the International Day of Student Sports, the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering and the Student Trade Union Committee organized a motor race, a microfootball tournament and a tug-of-war tournament. Teachers of the Department of Health and Sports Technology held a motor that helped to warm up and adjust to the competition during the event.
Sports activities were attended by students of all courses.
International Student Sports Day is celebrated annually on September 20.

Ukrainian Boldyrev won the World Climbing Championship.


Ukrainian Danylo Boldyrev won a gold medal at the 17th World Climbing Championships in Moscow.
Boldyrev won in the "speed" discipline with a result of 5.73 seconds. Second place went to Spaniard Eric Noah Cardona (5.95) and third to Noah Bratshi (6.31).
This is Boldyrev's second gold at the World Championships. In 2014, he became the first in the same discipline. He also became European champion in 2020.
It is worth noting that the discipline "speed" will be presented at the 2024 Olympics in Paris.